How to become financially independent on Airbnb book pdf

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How to become financially independent on Airbnb book pdf ; A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Figure out your number.

While my number was the amount I would need to reach financial independence so I never have to work again in my life, financial freedom might mean something different to you than it did to me. Your number is how much money you need to reach your financial freedom. Maybe it’s how much money you need to get out of debt, cover six months of expenses, take two years off to travel the world, or live the rest of your life without ever having to work again. No matter what financial freedom means to you, the first step is to figure out how much money you need to get there. I’ll walk you through the exact process and show you how to get there faster.

Step 2: Calculate where you are today.

After you figure out how much money you need, I’ll walk you through how to analyze where you are today and explain why your net worth is the most important number in your financial life. I’ll also share a simple strategy for how to think about and handle any debt you have. 

Step 3: Radically shift how you think about money.

If you keep thinking about money the same way you always have, then you won’t make as much money as possible. How you were taught to think about money is probably holding you back in some way, so I’ll share the eleven different ways I think about money and teach you how to use them to save and make more. 

Step 4: Stop budgeting and focus on what has the biggest impact on your savings.

While it’s important to track what you spend, it’s not where you should spend most of your time. Budgets actually reinforce a scarcity mindset and hold most people back from saving and making more money. I’ll show you how to calculate and increase your savings rate in order to fast-track your financial independence without sacrificing the things you love. There is a much simpler way to budget to maximize your return on your time. 

Step 5: Hack your nine-to-five.

Whether you love your full-time job or can’t wait to get out, you should use it strategically to make more money today and as a launching pad to make a lot more money in the future. I’ll show you how to calculate your market value and your value to your company, and negotiate a raise to ensure you’re making as much money as possible. I’ll also show you how to maximize your benefits, including the best remotework options possible; increase your skills; find a higher-paying job; and maximize the opportunities to use your nine-to-five to reach financial freedom as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Start a profitable side hustle and diversify your income streams.

It’s never been easier to start a profitable side hustle and make extra money, but the problem is, most people don’t do it right. They spend their time side hustling for someone else instead of for themselves, which means they aren’t earning as much money as possible. Or they spend their time trying to grow a side hustle that was doomed from the beginning. I’ll show you how to pick, launch, and grow a profitable side hustle so you can make more money in less time and create the moneymaker’s holy grail —passive income streams that make enough money to cover your living expenses and then some! 

Step 7: Invest as much money as early and often as you can.

When you invest money, your money makes money and you don’t need to trade much, if any, of your own time. While there are an infinite number of ways to invest, the investment strategy in this book is designed to help you achieve financial freedom as quickly as possible by focusing on investments and an investment strategy designed to generate the highest returns with the least amount of risk. The path in this book and these steps are designed so you can revisit them as often as you need to re calibrate your own numbers as your lifestyle and goals change.

At first the path might feel unfamiliar, exciting, and maybe a bit daunting, but as you follow it, your relationship with money will change. You’ll discover new things about yourself and your life. You’ll also start seeing moneymaking opportunities everywhere. But this book is ultimately about more than saving a specific amount of money or retiring at a certain age.

More than anything it’s about freedom. When you have enough money, you have more space and time to explore the world, to connect, to reflect, to grow, and to feel alive. You have the freedom to create the life you want. A life with more time for the people and things that make you happy. A life with less stress and more options.

A life you love. “Financial freedom,” of course, means different things to different people, and as I’ll explain, different people need vastly different amounts of money to feel free. I recently met a young couple with two kids living in New York City who think they need $5 million to be free, but the traveler I met in the Flagstaff, Arizona, train station feels free making only $5,000 per year.

Maybe financial freedom to you means being debt-free, or having more time to spend with your family, or being able to quit corporate America, or having $5,000 a month in passive income, or making enough money to work from your laptop anywhere in the world, or having enough money so you never have to work another day in your life. Some monks feel free without any money, choosing instead to live within a self-sustaining community. Ultimately, the amount you need comes down to the life you want to live, where you want to live it, what you value, and what brings you joy.

How to become financially independent on Airbnb book pdf
                                                             How to become financially independent on Airbnb book pdf


Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness caused by something exceptionally good, satisfying, or delightful—aka “The Good Life.” While it might sound impossible to figure out how much money you need to live a life you love or how to “maximize your happiness per dollar,” each step in this book is designed to get you there. Once you take the time to figure this out, you will likely find that you need a lot less money to reach financial freedom than you think and that you can reach it faster than you’ve ever thought possible. 

How to become financially independent on Airbnb book pdf






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