Othello Pdf; A Masterpiece By William Shakespeare

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Othello Pdf; A Masterpiece By William Shakespeare

It is hard to imagine a world without Shakespeare. Since their composition four hundred years ago, Shakespeare’s plays and poems have traveled the globe, inviting those who see and read his works to make them their own. Readers of the New Folger Editions are part of this ongoing process of “taking up Shakespeare,” finding our own thoughts and feelings in language that strikes us as old or unusual and, for that very reason, new.


We still struggle to keep up with a writer who could think a mile a minute, whose words paint pictures that shift like clouds. These expertly edited texts are presented to the public as a resource for study, artistic adaptation, and enjoyment. By making the classic texts of the New Folger Editions available in electronic form as The Folger Shakespeare (formerly Folger Digital Texts), we place a trusted resource in the hands of anyone who wants them. The New Folger Editions of Shakespeare’s plays, which are the basis for the texts realized here in digital form, are special because of their origin.


The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, is the single greatest documentary source of Shakespeare’s works. An unparalleled collection of early modern books, manuscripts, and artwork connected to Shakespeare, the Folger’s holdings have been consulted extensively in the preparation of these texts.

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These editions of Othello  also reflect the expertise gained through the regular performance of Shakespeare’s works in the Folger’s Elizabethan Theatre.I want to express my deep thanks to editors Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine for creating these indispensable editions of Shakespeare’s works, which incorporate the best of textual scholarship with a richness of commentary that is both inspired and engaging.

Lessons From Othello;

“Othello” by William Shakespeare is a timeless play that offers numerous lessons and insights into human nature and society. Here are some of the key lessons that can be drawn from the play:

1. Jealousy can be a destructive force:

One of the main themes of the play is the destructive power of jealousy. Othello’s jealousy towards Desdemona ultimately leads to his downfall and the tragic ending of the play. The play highlights how jealousy can lead to irrational behavior, suspicion, and even violence.

2. Appearances can be deceiving:

The play highlights how appearances can be deceiving, and how people can be easily fooled by outward appearances. Iago, the play’s villain, appears to be honest and loyal, but in reality, he is deceitful and manipulative. Othello’s trust in Iago and his appearance ultimately leads to his downfall.

3. Trust is a fragile thing: 

The play shows how trust is a fragile thing and can be easily broken. Othello trusts Iago, but that trust is ultimately betrayed, leading to his downfall. The play emphasizes the importance of trust in human relationships and the consequences that can result when trust is betrayed.

4. Racism and prejudice can have serious consequences:

The play explores issues of race and prejudice, highlighting how racism can lead to discrimination, hatred, and violence. Othello’s position as a black man in a white society is central to the play’s plot, and his perceived racial difference becomes a target for Iago’s manipulation and Othello’s own insecurities.

5. Love can be a powerful force:

Despite the tragic ending, the play also emphasizes the power of love. Othello’s love for Desdemona is genuine and profound, and Desdemona’s love for Othello is unwavering. Their love for each other is ultimately what makes their downfall so tragic.

Overall, “Othello” offers many valuable lessons and insights into human nature and society that are still relevant today. The play explores themes such as jealousy, trust, appearances, racism, and love, and it is a powerful reminder of the consequences that can result when these themes are not handled wisely.

For Readers

Readers who want to know more about Shakespeare and his plays can follow the paths these distinguished scholars have tread by visiting the Folger either in-person or online, where a range of physical and digital resources exists to supplement the material in these texts. I commend to you these words, and hope that they inspire.







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