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Know Your Lord
             Know Your Lord

Know your Lord Pdf | A mesmerizing Read to strengthen your Imaan.

Amongst the many profound sayings from the holy Prophet, perhaps one of the most intriguing of them states;

                               “One who knows himself, knows his Lord”.



About the Author of Know Your Lord;

Dr Bilal Philips is an Islamic scholar ,teacher ,speaker author and the founder and chancellor of the international open University.


“Know Your Lord” is a book that focuses on understanding and knowing Allah, the one true God in Islam. It discusses various aspects of Allah’s characteristics, including His names, attributes, and actions, as well as the importance of believing in Him and worshiping Him alone. The book also delves into the concept of tawheed, which is the oneness of God in Islam, and explains the significance of this belief in a Muslim’s life. Overall, “Know Your Lord” serves as a guide for Muslims to strengthen their relationship with Allah and increase their knowledge and understanding of Him.

Life Lessons From Know Your Lord Book .

“Know Your Lord” is a book written by Dr. Bilal Philips that aims to help readers understand the nature and attributes of Allah (God) in Islam. Here are some of the lessons that can be learned from the book:

1. Monotheism: One of the primary teachings of Islam is the belief in the oneness of Allah. “Know Your Lord” emphasizes this belief, providing evidence from the Quran and Hadiths that Allah is the only God and Creator of the universe.

2. The Attributes of Allah: The book explains the different attributes of Allah, including His mercy, forgiveness, justice, and love. It also highlights the importance of understanding Allah’s attributes to deepen one’s relationship with Him.

3. Faith in Allah: Faith in Allah is a fundamental aspect of Islam. “Know Your Lord” emphasizes that belief in Allah should be based on sound knowledge and understanding of His attributes, rather than blind faith.

4. Prayer: Prayer is one of the most important aspects of Islam, and “Know Your Lord” emphasizes the importance of establishing a connection with Allah through prayer.

5. The Afterlife: “Know Your Lord” discusses the concept of the afterlife in Islam, including the Day of Judgment and the concept of paradise and hell. It encourages readers to live a righteous life and prepare for the afterlife.

Overall, “Know Your Lord” provides valuable insights into the nature and attributes of Allah, and how this knowledge can help individuals live a meaningful and fulfilling life in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Who Should read know your lord book by Dr Bilal Philips;

The book “Know Your Lord” by Dr. Bilal Philips is aimed at anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the Islamic faith and developing a closer relationship with Allah (God). It is especially beneficial for Muslims who want to increase their knowledge and devotion to Allah, as the book delves into the attributes and characteristics of Allah as described in the Quran and Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad).

However, the book can also be informative for non-Muslims who wish to learn more about Islam and the beliefs of its followers. It provides a comprehensive overview of Islamic theology, with a focus on understanding the nature and essence of Allah as the central concept in Islam.

Overall, “Know Your Lord” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Islam and a closer relationship with Allah.

One Powerful Message From the Book Know Your Lord;

“Know Your Lord” by Dr. Bilal Philips is a comprehensive guide for Muslims to understand their relationship with Allah (SWT). One powerful message from this book is that a true understanding of Allah’s attributes and His oneness is essential for developing a strong connection with Him. By recognizing His power, wisdom, mercy, and justice, one can develop a deep sense of love, respect, and awe for Him. This understanding can also help a person navigate the challenges of life and remain steadfast in their faith. Ultimately, knowing our Lord can bring us inner peace and fulfillment, and guide us towards a life of purpose and righteousness.



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